League Rules, Practices and FAQ’s​

League Rules, Practices and FAQ’s​

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
The greens fee is $22 for Cambridge residents and $25 for non-Cambridge residents.  Please contact the Pro Shop directly for information about season passes.  There is an additional $4.00 league fee when you play that will be used for prize money (awarded as pro shop credit) each week.

Why am I asked to pay $5.00 to the league above the registration & handicap fee?
The Monday Night League maintains its own website and the fee is used to offset the annual maintenance.

Where do I park?
The course has a small parking lot. If the lot is full you can park along one side of the street.

Pace of Play
Speed is important, particularly for later teams at the beginning and end of the season when we lose light early.  Play must ready golf and speed up if your team is falling behind.

What time should I arrive?
Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your tee time in order to allow time for parking, check-in and payment.

How do I know if league is cancelled?
You will receive an email from the coordinators if league is cancelled. Sometimes the coordinators cancel league if rain or thunderstorms are predicted. The pro shop may also cancel league under the same circumstances.  If league is cancelled but you want to “wait out the storm” and try to play, call the pro shop and ask them if they are allowing players to go out. You may still play but it just won’t be league play.

Who posts the weekly scores?
You are responsible for posting your own score. There is a computer on the lower level of the clubhouse that is dedicated to this purpose.  If you need help, ask one of the coordinators or a senior member of the league to walk you through it – its easy.  You can also log into the system from your home computer, smart phone or tablet and there is an app that will streamline the process.

How is my handicap used?
The goal of a handicap system is to level the playing field so that each round of golf is competitive and fair for all players regardless of individual skill. The pro shop will mark which hole you get strokes on and how many strokes you get.  If you receive a scorecard with no stroke information, it is probably because the format does not use the handicap system (ie Scramble and Quota).

Can I pick up my ball during play?
If, for any reason, you choose to pick up your ball on a hole, you are automatically disqualified from the “individual” part of the game. Place an X on the scorecard. When you enter your score, use your maximum allowable score for that hole.

Prior to picking up your ball make sure it doesn’t affect your team score in any way.

Can I pick up my ball on the green if it’s very close to the hole?
In an effort to speed up play, a fellow player can and should tell you to “pick up” if the ball is within a grip’s length of the hole (approx. 12″). You may not pick up your ball without the OK from a fellow player.

Am I supposed to wave up players?
To keep up pace of play, we encourage teams to wave up others on Par 3’s when there is a backup.  However, if there is a gap ahead of you, keep your head in the game and finish the hole as quickly as possible.

What if I lose my ball?
ALWAYS hit a provisional if you think there is ANY chance that you might not find your ball. You have 3 minutes to look for your original ball.  If you cannot find it and IF you did not hit a provisional, you may drop a ball in the playing area two club lengths from where you think your ball landed (no closer to the hole) with a TWO stroke penalty.  This new rule is designed to speed up play so you do not have to go back and hit another shot in the event your ball is lost.

How do I know if I win and how do I collect?
Weekly winners are posted on the website. Each week there is a team prize and an individual low net prize. Prize money is awarded as shop credit and can be redeemed through the pro shop. Check with anyone in the pro shop to find out what you currently have as credit.

How do Blind Draws work?
When players cannot be divided evenly into foursomes we create threesomes. Some formats give foursome a significant advantage so the pro shop will randomly select a player’s score to use to calculate a team’s score. If the team wins, prize money is allocated to only the players in the threesome; the player that was the blind draw does not share in the winnings.

What is the maximum score I can report on a hole?
You should always record your true score on your scorecard, but, when you go to input your score into the handicap system, YOU MUST CALCULATE THE MAXIMUM AMOUNT YOU CAN ENTER BASED ON THAT HOLE. Unlike the Equitable Stroke Control system that gave a standard maximum on every hole, golfers must use the new Net Double Bogey Calculation to determine score. NET DOUBLE BOGEY = PAR FOR HOLE + 2 + YOUR HANDICAP ON THAT HOLE So, a golfer who gets 2 strokes on a par 5 can enter up to 9 strokes for that hole 9 = 5 (par) + 2 (double bogey score) + 2 (her handicap on that hole)