Ladies – for those who keep track of their handicaps and noticed the handicaps weren’t current on Mon night, it appears they were not updated as of 7/1; the 7/1 values will be used in the lineups for 7/15 since we won’t get the 7/15 updates in time to use them.

When posting your score in the handicap system or at, remember to make the Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) adjustment. This adjustment caps the allowable score you can reflect on any hold for handicapping purposes, based on your current handicap, per the table below. So, for example, if your handicap is 32 and you scored 11 on one hole, for purposes of entering your score in the GHIN system you would reflect a 9 on that hole (or subtract 2 from your total score including the 11). You must make an adjustment for any whole for which the actual score exceeds the maximum noted below. For the league game though you must record your actual score.

Feel free to ask any of the coordinators about this if you have questions.

18 Hole Course
Handicap Maximum Number Posted On Any Hole
9 or Less 6
10-19 7
20-29 8
30-39 9
40+ 10
9 Hole Course
Handicap Maximum Number Posted On Any Hole
4 or less DBL Bogey
5-9 7
10-14 8
15-19 9
20+ 10
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