5/2015 A few reminders

  1. When you sign up to play, please sign up only once. Duplicate sign-ups may result in someone going on the wait-list unnecessarily, and requires additional reconciliation time when making the foursomes.
  2. Gimmee Putts: Putts within a foot of the cup (or a putter grip) should be given freely, and players should take them when given!
  3. Entering Scores: Remember to enter your score after each round; easy to do on the computer downstairs in the clubhouse. Romaine will follow up with new players to get their scores so we can better estimate handicaps until a true handicap is established.
  4. Have fun!

7/2013 Handicaps & ESC Adjustment

Ladies – for those who keep track of their handicaps and noticed the handicaps weren’t current on Mon night, it appears they were not updated as of 7/1; the 7/1 values will be used in the lineups for 7/15 since we won’t get the 7/15 updates in time to use them.

When posting your score in the handicap system or at GHIN.com, remember to make the Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) adjustment. This adjustment caps the allowable score you can reflect on any hold for handicapping purposes, based on your current handicap, per the table below. So, for example, if your handicap is 32 and you scored 11 on one hole, for purposes of entering your score in the GHIN system you would reflect a 9 on that hole (or subtract 2 from your total score including the 11). You must make an adjustment for any whole for which the actual score exceeds the maximum noted below. For the league game though you must record your actual score.

Feel free to ask any of the coordinators about this if you have questions.

18 Hole Course
Handicap Maximum Number Posted On Any Hole
9 or Less 6
10-19 7
20-29 8
30-39 9
40+ 10
9 Hole Course
Handicap Maximum Number Posted On Any Hole
4 or less DBL Bogey
5-9 7
10-14 8
15-19 9
20+ 10

7/2013 League Notes

FP League Members:

We hope those who played on Mon 7/8 enjoyed the new format, Whack and Hack. This format is one in which the worst bad scores count toward the team total, requiring that players keep their “head in the game” even when the going gets tough and one has a bad hole. On that note we want to emphasize a few things to help make the remainder of the season run smoothly.

  1. When you lose a ball, don’t spend a lot of time looking for it. Take a stroke and hit from a point where the ball was lost.
  2. Give your teammates the putt when it’s within a foot or so, and when it’s given to you, pick up your ball. Don’t tap it in to “hear the noise”. The “gimme’s” are intended to speed up play and your putting out defeats the purpose.
  3. Remember that your individual score is counting toward the team score, and in games like Whack and Hack even a bad hole is going to count. So keep your head in the game and don’t give up; this hurts your team.
  4. On par 3 holes, be prepared for the group ahead of yours to waive you up; someone tee up a ball and be standing, ready on the tee when the wave comes. This will speed up play
  5. Remember to post your scores. Coordinators update handicaps every two weeks by accessing the GHIN system and we’ll follow-up with anyone who has been playing in the league but has not posted scores.

A few comments on sign-ups:

  • Remember to sign up before midnight Thursday. If you are going to be away during the sign-up period, ask a friend or one of the coordinators to sign you up.
  • Late sign-ups are really a hassle for the coordinators. We invest a significant amount of time creating the groups as evenly as possible while mixing up the players from week to week, and the results are compromised when there are late sign-ups that require the groups to be changed. To minimize the hassle, especially on Mondays when the groups are assumed to be set, going forward we will not accommodate any additional players that inquire about openings on Monday; the only changes on Mondays will be last minute cancellations.

We only have 7 weeks left in our season – please keep these reminders and general golf ettiquette foremost on your mind as we close out the season.

Margo, Rachael, Sheryl and Susanne