2020 Handicaps

2020 Handicaps

New for 2020 – On January 1, 2020, the R&A and the USGA launched the World Handicap System (WHS).

Golfer accustom to the old GHIN system will be familiar with the general set-up and format of WHS, but the new system is global and can be used at any course in the world.

Click here to learn more about the WHS

Most import change for us to highlight is the new way of calculating the maximum score you can post.

Maximum Allowed Score for Posting.
Starting in 2020, the maximum score you can post on any hole is a NET DOUBLE BOGEY. Simply put, the maximum score for every hole is:

Double Bogey + Handicap Strokes You Get On THAT Hole = YOUR MAXIMUM

If you use the hole by hole posting option, the system will automatically calculate and make the adjustment for you based on the tees you selected. This is the recommended method for posting all scores.

If you post total scores only (9-hole or 18-hole), you will need to adjust each hole score on your own before posting.
To do this, you must first determine your Course Handicap and then note on your scorecard where you receive strokes. Adjust any hole scores down to the maximum allowed and then total your score. You may use the Course Handicap Calculator found at usga.org and will need to know your Handicap Index, the Course Rating and Slope for the tees you played, and the Course Par.

Or, if you like to do the math, here is the new Course Handicap formula:

Handicap Index x (Slope Rating/113) + (Course Rating – Par)
Example: 26.2 x (126/113) + (72.1 – 72) = 29.31 rounded to 29.

The golfer in this example receives 1 stroke on each hole plus one additional stroke on the 11 holes that are rated as most difficult.

Handicaps Now Updated Daily
Your handicap index will update EACH DAY you post a score rather than twice each month. You should post your scores immediately after completion of each round and no later than midnight of the day you played.

For more information about the World Handicap System and the new Rules of Handicapping go to usga.org.

There is a computer in the pro shop that makes it easy to post your scores.  If you need help, ask one of the coordinators or just about any other member to walk you through it – its easy!  Or, you can log into your account from a home computer, smart phone or tablet. Since the system is new, we have not used the app yet, but we are sure there will be one that will streamline the process.